First, the disclaimers

I believe any blog handling finance/investment/economic themes really should be up-front about the interests of the author.

With that in mind, at the time of writing, I have exposure to the following markets:

– Sydney residential
– NSW regional residential
– Atlanta, GA, USA
– Australian stocks via managed/index funds
– International stocks as above

In terms of weighting, property is the most significant. Thus, it’s my interest for property, particularly in NSW to appreciate.

That said, the purpose of the blog is not to move the market (as if it could anyway), but rather to capture my own thoughts, research, analysis etc. and where it provides something useful for anyone else, all the better.

Also, I’ll often talk about whether something is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for real estate. It will depend on the context of the article, but usually i’m talking about it’s impact on prices. So, as an investor, ‘good’ or ‘bad’ applies to me. However, that’s not to say I think high real estate prices are good for Australia as a whole. I think it diverts too much money away from other, more productive industries (more on that some other time)

As an aside, the purpose of such disclaimers, such as those politicians must make by declaring interest in business ventures, tabling share transactions etc. etc. is to prevent any sort of insider trading…. turns out it doesn’t always work out that way! Check out this academic report showing Congressmen in the US make over 6% better returns in their share portfolios than your average Joe. Go figure.

Finally, nothing in this site constitutes financial advice. I’m not qualified to provide it, so don’t treat it as such.


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